Jam Session – Great Experience of Music.

by Issa Molina

Jam Session: This does not require any previous experience or knowledge of music. It is a fun, easy way to play the guitar and have FUN! All players learn basic chords, strumming patterns, melodies, and solos.

I was improvising solos in a Latin jam session at Arendal Jazzklubb.

Last Night at 11 pm, we had a Latin concert at the Arendal Jazzklubb! Lars Rune Rebbestad (guitar), Ole Kelly (bass), and Tor Rudy played drums and percussion. It was a fantastic evening! Everyone was playing solos, and I got this unique experience. When playing solo, you think about what will happen to the melody or the rhythm or when it will suddenly change in a new song.

It was fun interacting with Lars Rune and the others musicians at the jam session.

The concert was acoustical, which made the experience even more intense and even more robust, revealing the fantastic musicality that the evening’s musicians stood for.

Arendal Jazzklubb – Lars Rune Rebbestad – Issa Molina.

Latin jam session at Arendal Jazzklubb with Lars Rune Rebbestad and Issa Molina.

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