Farsund Fjordhotell – Live Music for HEF 19.02.15.

by Issa Molina

Farsund Fjordhotell – Concert for «HEF» Human-Etisk Forbund.

Last night, February 19th, 2015, Anija M Wormsen and I played a tiny concert in Farsund Fjordhotell. That evening, we delighted the audience with an 8-tacks set packed with old and some new material. Playing at Fjordhotell was very special because we have spent most of our careers touring in Italy and Norway.

The set of our original tracks in the event included «Aldebaran,» «Ritmologia,» «Agua Que Fluye, » from the album Agua Que Fluye and «Continuación,» «Simons Melodi,» «Reflejos,» and «Sandras Dans,» from the album Reflejos. In addition, we played an extra piece « Sol y Viento» at the end of the performance.


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