Crecer is on Apple Music and Spotify.

by Issa Molina


I have dropped a new single, «Crecer,» my new acoustic piece for guitar. It is a happy, colorful piece for guitar with melodic and rhythmic features-the result of many months of working.

I have explored the guitar and music, for many years. At first, it was a classical guitar piece. But I’ve tried to play the fragments in different ways. And expand the harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic vocabulary. Finally, I use a flamenco guitar due to the variety of timbres and expressivity.

«Crecer» is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other digital platforms.

The piece has an approximate duration of 4:42 minutes with an AABBCCCCAA type structure, with twelve bars each. It begins with an arpeggio in the D Major chord. The melodies of the ABC parts are simple. A and C parts are in G Lydian; the second part is B Minor. And with dynamics bridges between the sections.


Listen now on iTunes or Spotify, Amazon, and other digital platforms.


Crecer new single.

Latin-nordic acoustic guitar music.

Released 2019


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