Bystyresalen Kristiansand-Latin music performance.

by Issa Molina

I have played with Anja Wormsen since 1989. So I got to play a lot of concerts with her, in Italy and Norway. On this occasion, we presented a repertoire of original tracks with Latin rhythms and jazz harmonies at Bystyresalen Kristiansand.

The unique sounds of Latin music filled the air at Bystyresalen Kristiansand.

There were many people in the assembly hall, and the audience seemed to enjoy the music—songs like «Reflejos,» «Ritmologia,» «Agua Que Fluye,» and others. As a result, it was a great experience, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Consert with Anija M.Wormsen and Issa Molina.

Bystyresalen Kristiansand

We performed for about forty-five minutes. And the audience heard an ample range of Latin music. I must say that I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to play for the people in Kristiansand.

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