Cuban Evening at Drømmeplassen – Kristiansand

by Issa Molina

 Unforgettable moments from the Cuban Evening at Drømmeplassen

It was a great playing in the Cuban evening last thursday 16 august . We played some Latin melodies. With – Rafael Reyes on the bass – Juan Carlos Weishaupt percussion and the saxophonist Flavio Sefa.

– In collaboration with Ole Johan Moe which had a photo exhibition «Cubanismo». It is constructions over the Cuban. Created out of meetings with people and their dreams, longings and visions. From everyday banalities and lost dreams, to the unrealized potential of the future.

Issa Molina,  Rafael Reyes, Juan Carlos Weishaupt.Issa Molina, Rafael Reyes and Jun Carlos Weishaupt

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