Rafto Prize at the National Scene in Bergen, 01.11.2015

by Issa Molina
At the end of Rafto Prize. Den Nasjonale Scene

Each year The Rafto Foundation awards the Rafto Prize to human rights defenders worldwide.

This year Padre Melo from Honduras got the prize. For his fight for freedom of expression in one of the most violent countries in the world.

Anija M. Wormsen and I performed Reflejos, during the 2015 Rafto Prize Ceremony.

We feel honored to have had the opportunity to participate. And share a little bit of our music at the Rafto Awards Ceremony.

I performed «Reflejos« with Anija M. Wormsen (flute) during the ceremony. The themes title to our latest album. The audience enjoyed the song, and there was a great atmosphere. It was funny to play in front of this audience; the energy came naturally. We also received positive reviews from someone who listened to the performance. As a result, it was a great experience.

In the album «Reflejos,» there is a variety of tracks. «Buena Suerte,» «Til Mikae,» «Adrians Vise,» «Reflejos,» «Continuación,» «Sandras Dans,» «Sol y Viento,» «Vamos Amigos,» «Simons Melodi,» and «Momento,»

Some photos of the event:

Playing Reflejos at Rafto Prize

Before going to the stage.

Minutes before the performance.

At the end of Rafto Prize. Den Nasjonale Scene

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