Olaf Karlsen – Birthday celebration and exhibition.

by Issa Molina
Musical performance during Olaf Karlsen's birthday celebration.

Olaf Karlsen is a famous painter from Stavanger, Norway. He is a colorist with a sense of the more delicate shades of color and paints with short, wide coats. Sea and beach motifs dominate, but he also paints portraits and stern. Some Lista motifs are darker in color and have surrealistic animals and figures.

Musical performance in tribute to Olaf Karlsen: Gallery Farsund.

In tribute to his 50th year as an artist and his birthday, we were proud to participate in the event’s opening. Anija M Wormsen (flute) and I played minutes before the exhibition. Some of the pieces such as, «Agua que fluye», «Aldeberan», and «Adrian’s vise».

The music was very suitable for the exhibition, and the performance was very well received, with people commenting on how beautiful the music was. What a lovely day! Excellent people and a good atmosphere at Galleri Farsund.

Thanks to all who came!

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Anija plays flute
Musical performance during Olaf Karlsen's birthday celebration.
The duo play "Adrian's vise".
Issa play guitar.

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