Sunflower is our latest release.

by Issa Molina

I have just dropped a new single titled Sunflower in the last 15.May.

I released a new piece called Sunflower on May 15th. Together with Anija M. Wormsen, who recorded the flute. And I recorded guitar, bass, and Cajon.

It is a Latin-style instrumental piece. The guitar and flute play the main melody. We have rhythm guitars, bass, and Cajon in the rhythm section that provides a solid beat. The piece is pleasant and easy to follow. The middle section is more upbeat, with a guitar solo that is expressive and moving. There are many opportunities to get creative with different sounds and rhythms.


In this time, we live now, with war and misery so close to us. It takes having something that can warm the heart, light up the mind, and bring some hope. We hope our music can contribute a little to that.

You can hear the piece on Spotify.

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Mark 9. september 2022 - 22:29

Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.


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